Beware the crazy shopping cart lady….

You hear all those warnings about crazy drivers out there but who figured they were also referring to those wielding shopping carts?

Like the good daughter I am, I went and picked up my Mother’s weekly groceries at the local grocery store. If I do it, it is generally during the evening when other people fresh off work are more efficiently making their way around the store eager like me to just get it the hell over with. When Tom (the good Son-in-law) does it, he’s more likely to do it during the day when he says the crowds are less. Today was a day where I was able to go during the day and experience that for myself.

What I found were a lot of people, mostly women who were dawdling their way around the store, parking their carts any old which way they want to as I mean seriously who’s in a hurry right?

When I reached the end of the store I realized that I had forgotten to pick up that gross jellied cranberry stuff my Mom likes with her Turkey and because I wanted to have everything I need for the Christmas dinner in the pantry and ready to go on Monday I went back for it. I was about to turn left into the canned food aisle when this very harsh faced and flaming red haired lady came roaring around from the right hand side, crashes her cart into mine at a pretty fast clip and driving me into a handing display rack near the end of the aisle. This ended up forcing the handle of my cart into my stomach and up into my ribs.

For a second I stood there, or rather hunched there with my eyes watering while I heard her make an impatient noise and hardly glancing in my direction just kept going with her head held high. A very nice older gentleman came over to see if I was alright as I had to his words “been made to hit that rack pretty hard”. I smiled at his concern through my watering eyes and told him that I was “indeed OK thanks for asking”. He made a disparaging remark about Ms. Redhead and patted my shoulder and wandered back to his cart.

After the initial pain there has now come that lovely residual ache of being punched in the stomach. I really felt it when I had to heft my Mom’s groceries up to her place from the car. Thankfully it’s more a dull ache accompanied by the occasional twinge on my right side now.

Tonight, I’ve got to face the local mall to take Sean to his rescheduled dental checkup (His office is in the mall). I had to cancel the last one due to a dinner with a business partner and this was the only appointment available with our regular dentist until waaaaay into the New Year. What was I thinking?!?!?! A mall a few days before Christmas? Hopefully I won’t be circling for hours trying to find a damn parking spot.

So wish me luck.

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