Christmas 2007

Well, this post is late but I had a good reason. Like I said I was sick and sick in a knock you on your ass kind of way. I’m better now just a mucous factory who is still feeling somewhat sorry for herself.

It seems funny to write about Christmas when the New Year just arrived but I wanted to ensure to get this down before it fades into my middle aged memory and is gone for good. ;)

We had our typical Christmas Eve dinner-a-go-go this year. Tom picked up my Mom while I worked in the kitchen, the Boys arrived from their Dad’s, Chris having driven over himself in his car. He is set to finally take his exam in January so here’s hoping he passes and he starts driving himself to and from work.

I had to pile my usual baking tins on top of the stove to prevent Miss Cinnamon taking advantage of the lovely heat as she is prone to…

Christmas Eve 001

I caught a picture of myself before I started getting sweaty from the heat..

Christmas Eve 015

Christmas Eve 025
Tom and the Boys kept my Mother entertained while I was busy doing my thing in the kitchen. During the turkey roasting lull I came out and visited and picked on Cinny.

Christmas Eve 027

When crunch time came Tom came to join me in the kitchen and helped me out by stirring and putting out the side dishes. I was so bad this year, I didn’t take any photos of the meal at all.

Christmas Eve 071

As the Boys were with us for the night this year, we did the “Grandma” presents (those from us to her and vice-versa) had some coffee and relaxed for a bit and then took my Mom home for the night.

Christmas Eve photo-set here

As is tradition, Tom and I play a ‘gag’ on the Boys the morning they are with us. In Christmas past we have done scavenger hunts, trick gifts (with really ugly sweaters) with clues to work together to figure out their present, we’ve wrapped the hallway so they couldn’t get into the living room and snoop with signs all over saying not to wake us up until WE were ready (was particularly hard on Sean we heard him that morning whispering “Stupid stupid” with frustration outside our room), dressing them up as elves and making them pass an elf exam. This year was going to be Christmas Karaoke.

In order to throw the Boys off we had been dropping hints that this year’s prank had to do with Ballet, more specifically the Nutcracker Suite. We were “caught” looked at tu-tu’s online, would hum one of the songs from the ballet and I would occasionally flit from one room to the other arms raised, spin and grin at them evilly. We ended up having them so paranoid it was funny. Sean kept saying he wasn’t going to dance. We kept asking him what made him think we were going to have them dance?

After the Boys had gone to their Dad’s we pulled out the mics to do a test run and to make sure the settings were
A couple of years back we bought a multi-regional DVD player which just so happens to have a built in Karaoke setting and two mics.

Tom pulled out the mic and starting singing in his best Bill Murray lounge singer voice which by the end had me in stitches:

We sent the boys to bed and had our traditional Christmas Even phew the dinner is over bring on the presents drink and prepped for the morning’s fun.

Tom went as far as to create a fake dance chart to leave on the floor in case the boys got up…

Christmas 2007 007

As well as a sign which gave hints as to the morning’s fun

Christmas 2007 010

As it turns out the Boys slept in so I had to go and rouse them. When the came out we could hear their groans and they both flopped on the couch eying the signs with dread, visions of tu-tus and flitting bouncing through their heads.

Tom told them where their costumes were, in a decorative storage trunk I have and found the following sign:

Christmas 2007 019

Their complete relief was short-lived when they realized they had to sing. Well rather Sean, Chris was as always a really good sport. He also realizes that there is a means to and end here, get it over with.. get presents!

Of course it was captured on video (full echo of course for our amusement)

Any camera shake was because I was laughing my ass off…

Photo-set of Christmas Morning here as usual everyone was spoiled rotten!

After breakfast and present opening we drove the Boys over to their Father’s house as usual in order for them to see their Grandparents on his side etc and Tom and I headed back to play with our new stuff and relax for the day. It wasn’t until the following day that this blight got a hold of me.

I close this Christmas post with our annual pose in front of the Christmas tree picture:

Christmas 2007

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4 Responses to Christmas 2007

  1. spfar says:

    Ahhh, now the DDR for cats makes sense! Sounds like you had a great Christmas. The karaoke videos are a hoot. Glad you’re feeling better Bee. Happy 2008!

  2. *Zig* says:

    You guys are so funny :)
    A very happy New Year to you all!

  3. Tom says:

    I have to admit this year’s prank was executed with near surgical precision…the boys were totally buying the whole Nutcracker Suite thing hook, line and sinker!

  4. americanuck says:

    Happy New Year to y’all too!

    Tom’s right it went well, of course this raises the bar once again!

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