Aboot the Hoose

Well we finally got around to putting the tree and decorations away, our bad! Yes, it is wayyyyy after New Year but it’s the first time we’ve had a day off together and we didn’t want to haul it down immediately after Christmas. We were getting pretty sick of it though, trees just look lame once all the fuss and bother is over with and all the presents are long since opened. It was also too tempting to just leave the odd gift or two that we haven’t used yet just sitting under there. I am happy to say though that it is all packed neatly away in storage (I’m kinda anal that way) and all the glitter and/or fake needles that fell off the tree have been vacuumed away.

Of course this doesn’t mean that we’re going to be doing a full out scrub down, we did that just before Christmas and will be happily doing our maintenance only cleaning and enjoying the rest of our weekend together.

Tonight is our “drinkie night” and we’ve just ordered Chinese food from our local joint. MMMMMMMM Chinese food!! *droool* Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! We’re gonna have to figure out what the movie of the night is gonna be. I just watched the Devil Wears Prada the other night (as I was by myself), I had forgotten how much I like that movie. I love Meryl Streep in pretty much everything she does and she was brilliant as usual in that film.

We also finally got around to sending back the broken modem to Telus. I figured we had better do it before they come after us, not that it would be of any use to anyone being that it is broken. Whatever, if they really want it back it’s now on it’s way.

I’m super excited to say that we just bought a print from a local Vancouver artist called Joe Average. It should arrive some time in the next week or so I guess and it will have to be framed and will soon be hanging in a place of honour where I can admire it. I’ve loved his stuff for years, I used to have a t-shirt our company had given us during our Aids related charity fund raising with a gorgeous design by him on it which I miss desperately. It went missing years ago and I have no idea where it got to.

The print we got is called “Born to Pollinate” (yay a bee!). His work is so colourful and happy despite the fact he’s had so much to contend with in his life. He’s been living with Aids for a number of years now and has had some real ups and downs health-wise from what I’ve read.

If you like pop art you should really check out his stuff. I love all kinds of art. Both of the boys are very artistic and so is Tom’s Mom. Now if only we can convince her that one of her pieces would make a wonderful gift I would be thrilled!

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