And then there was none

On my Google homepage I saw this very depressing countdown of the remaining shows in the can for the season.

I’m not gonna get into the fray of fight itself, I’m just not a happy camper, for ME. For those of us TV addicts this is gonna put a serious crimp 0ur down-time. I don’t watch every single show, not even close, but those I am really attached to I’m gonna miss and miss badly!

I guess there is an slight upside to the strike. I’ve started to watch Cold Case, a show I hadn’t watched up until now as it’s probably on opposite of some other show I’m watching. To my suprise it’s been on for four seasons now and it’s really good so I have a lot to catch up on. It is airing every night on a local station in syndication and I’m feeling my way through the characters a bit as they aren’t necessarily airing them in any kind of order. I supposed I will figure out the nuances eventually. It is what I went through with CSI Vegas as I was late to that party too, though not quite as late.

Maybe there are a few other shows I didn’t give a second glance to either by first impression or scheduling conflict. Either way I guess we give them a chance now to find a new audience the second time around. Oh that and Medium is back on as a mid-season replacement and the list says 9 shows are ready, we’ve just watched one so far. Fresh Meat!

I kind of feel for the shows that just started this year and have yet to fully flourish. I mean it may end up being like baseball where the fans never quite forgave them for being away so long and stayed away in droves. Shows that are more established may find their feet again with little struggle, but there has to be some collateral damage from this war one way or another.

Of course after the writers right on their heels are the Actors who have basically the same demands they say. Sigh. I wonder if this will end up screwing up the fall season as well?

The bookshelf is starting to look more and more appealing, at least there is fresh material there.

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3 Responses to And then there was none

  1. Tom says:

    You also came late to the West Wing party!

  2. americanuck says:

    Don’t forget Arrested Development! I’m late to a lot of parties…

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