I’m a big fan of commercials that either sell “something” or sell a message with humour. Like I’m a fan of the Ikea ads, yeah even the one that I’ve read there some controversy over  because in some people’s opinion it appears to encourage dishonesty “START THE CAR”. I love the way that lady runs.

Or remember the one where this guy is person is trying to take a rolled up rug home loaded sideways on top of their car and keeps taking out people (and lamp posts) with it along the way? Funny! I also love the guy who uses his Kid’s slip and slide and crashes into the garbage cans as his family cheers “Dad! Dad!” ummm but I can’t remember what they were selling (pain killer maybe?) Oops maybe the funny took away from the impact on that one…

Anyway, sometimes they can bring the funny and bring the message too. These PSA ads from the Hearing Foundation of Canada I personally think are pure gold.

Loud Office:

Loud Love:

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2 Responses to Whut?

  1. Tom says:

    I still think my all-time favourite is the 20-something guy shopping with his Terror Child From Hell…and it’s an ad for condoms!

  2. americanuck says:

    Yeah I remember that one, it was from Germany or something. I think the Europeans have much looser standards so they can get away with a lot more risque themes. One of my fave European commericials was a lady looking all come hither in a hot tub tempting the guy and then guy stripping off then cannonballing into the tub! (ha!)

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