A sweet little cha-huey-huey for youey youey

Every week I try to get my puppy fix by visiting the local pet store. A while back there was a Chihuahua that was the last of a bunch, totally white and so curious and happy that I immediately wanted to shove him in my purse and take him home where I would hug him, and pet him, and squeeze him and call him George. Well no actually I had named him Popcorn.

I went back to visit popcorn and he was gone :(

Of course that means he had found a home and was no longer the last little Chihuahua in the bunch but waaaa I wanted him!! Ahh one day!
There is a feature vid on Youtube right now that has a sweet little Chihuahua that made me Squeeeeeeeeeee immediately.

See it below and just try not to Squee!

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