Cinnamon City

Hey! As of today Tom and I have been married for five years!

We generally take a low key approach to our Anniversary (and the evil cult of Valentine’s Day) and exchange cards and do a dinner or whatever. After a stretch of Birthdays and Christmas we are pretty much at a loss for gifts around this time, not to mention we tend to go a bit overboard on Christmas especially that it works well.

Of course this will excludes the major 1oth anniversary. I’ve already taken Tom into the jewelry store and shoved his nose against the glass while pointing out what I want ring-wise for that anniversary. I figure this is fair. Ten years to squirrel away money should be plenty of time and I’m not exactly talking a diamond of the Elizabeth Taylor variety ;)

M’kay Hon?

So this morning we exchanged our cards and kisses over post-breakfast morning coffee.

Tom is working a long stretch of nights so we will have to plan out the dinners we are behind for; Chris’ birthday, my birthday and our anniversary. I voted Red Robin for mine, I’ve been craving their California Chicken burger for months now!

I’m giving my bread machine another trial run, this time making a cinnamon bread I found on this blog  (without raisins, thank you Jebus!) and it is currently whirring away as we speak. I cannot wait to smell the cinnamon in the air when baking.  Yum!

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2 Responses to Cinnamon City

  1. Tom says:

    Got your clustery heart-shaped ring all picked out, Hon!


  2. americanuck says:


    I guess I need to re-press your nose huh? LMAO

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