Entering the arena of the unwell

I’ve haven’t been feeling myself since just after Christmas. I was hit with a cold (I hesitate to even use the term COLD it was that bad) that if it were measured on the Richter scale would hover somewhere around a 7.0, enough to cause some major damage but recoverable. The problem is, I still haven’t recovered completely,

I’ve been plagued by a very dry cough that can quickly accelerate to a long drawn out wheeze and I’ve yet to regain my usual 50% sinus drainage (I’m a chronic stuffy person). It is fine for the most part, but I’ve been doing a lot of conference calls lately and I keep having to pull the phone away from the vicinity of my head as far as my arm-span can accommodate. Problem is I can miss something someone said during those few seconds.  I mean I don’t want to be RUDE yanno? I have never wished for phlegm more in my life, at least phlegm is productive!
Yesterday however I was hit with another little gem. I’m not entirely sure if they were related to my pre-existing  or not or just layered. For some reason the sinuses decide to rebel a bit more yesterday and it was enough to throw out my balance. When my balance goes out it affects my stomach and I was completely nauseated, add that to something I will call constarhea I was not a happy camper. Wallowing in my self pity I was convinced I had the Ebola virus or something at the time (ok… maybe I didn’t but I DID feel bad).

I am happy to report I feel more myself today, or a close facsimile thereof as I am able to function in the real world (hello real world!)

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