Birthday/Snow Day

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are way behind on celebratory dinners. We decided to catch up on the oldest (being Chris’ Birthday from back in November!) as we actually had a Saturday where all of us would be home.

The weather looked like it may be a bit snowy but the restaurant is only a few blocks away from home. When we got there the parking lot was pretty full so we were prepared to wait a while. Turned out to be about an hours’ wait. Not too bad for a Saturday and we kind of got there at the peak of things.

The Boys happily posed for pictures as normal with big smiling faces…ehem.

Dinner at the Keg 005

Unlike us.. miserable folks..

Dinner at the Keg

Originally uploaded by ThomasOMalley

It turns out the worst of the weather arrived overnight and continued into the morning. It seemed it would once again depend on where you live as to how much snow you got stuck with. As usual we got plenty out our way.

Tom, Sean and I headed out for a walk in it (Chris was working, not that he would have come with anyway). It was still snowing when we left but the sun was out which was quite strange. It took maybe another ten minutes or so and the blue sky and puffy white clouds made their way over top of us. It was quite mild actually, the sun helped to warm it up a bit and we weren’t turned into icicles.

Snow Day Jan 27, 2008 038

Snow Day Jan 27, 2008 002

Snow Day Jan 27, 2008 203

They’re calling for more snow later on this week. I am so done with this Winter. Bring on the Spring!!!!!!

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