One more wave

Tom called the resort this morning and it’s confirmed, we’ve got the same suite we had last time. Wahooo! So that picture of me on the deck? In several weeks there will be an exact replica posted on this site. Ok maybe with different socks.

Frankly this trip can’t come soon enough for me. We got yet another dump of snow yesterday AND last night and they’re saying there may be a bit more tomorrow and I need to commute in to the office in the morning. I don’t drive well in snow.



I can do with a little California right about now. What am I saying? I can do with a LOT of California.

So the next steps will be figuring out the flights and whether we will hang one extra day down ’round closer to the airport or if we head home the same day we check out. That part we can probably get to nailing down this weekend, not to mention arranging for the rental car. Damn pinch me!

I definitely want to be able to spend more time in San Fran this time and get my picture of the Haight-Ashbury sign so there better be parking this time dammit!

It hasn’t quite gotten down to counting the number of sleeps but ask me that again in a couple of weeks and I will probably have it calculated down to the millisecond.

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