Hazy shade of winter

The Boys are back over at their Father’s this weekend. On Friday morning when Chris was packing up his games etc he accidentally took the power supply to my work laptop (oooops) which necessitated a trip over there to pick it up, not to mention his request to drop off a few other goodies he had forgotten.

We took this (and the gorgeous weather) as a sign to go for a bit of a walk-about to the local park. As usual we brought along our cameras and took some shots of the remaining snow (it has been cold enough and not wet enough to stick around in some areas) and the lovely blue sky.

This gorgeous shot was taken by Tom of some kind of weeds(?) near the playground. They were playing a bit in the breeze and the blue background make them really pop!

Bear Creek Park February 2008 002

We ran into a few curious squirrels near the park entrance. I was doing my best to get up close and personal but as I was not bearing any nuts on my person they weren’t very interested in me. I did manage to fool one into thinking a pine cone that I tossed close to him was a nut for about two seconds, then he twitched his tail in disgust and ran up the nearest tree giving me the finger. Turns out they had plenty of food. Some good Samaritan had left a pile of seed which they were busy noshing on. I was in the dark under the trees and durr didn’t have my flash on auto so it didn’t go off. Hard to take pictures of squirrels when they move that fast.. AND are in the dark. Alas, this is probably the best one I got.

Bear Creek Park 012

Tom was saying it was pretty warm when we were in direct sunlight but under the shadow of the trees it was chilly. Of course that is him, me, not so much. (Wuss)

Bear Creek Park 030

We would occasionally run into other people walking through the trails but for a good part of the time we seemed to have the place to ourselves, at least the areas away from the playground and garden.

Bear Creek Park 027

I still don’t have a long enough arm to get a decent arms length shot of the two of us!

As much as I can appreciate the drama of trees in the winter, I have to admit I miss the green of the leaves. I think I was meant to live somewhere that stuff was always growing, not slumbering. It seems a bit bleak to me to be looking at the trees so barren for so long. Still in the pale winter sunshine they can look pretty nice.

Bear Creek Park 040

You can really see how tall some of them are without their foliage as well.

Bear Creek Park 034

I was looking up at the treetops and happened to catch these two very big birds soaring above us. I have no idea what they are but they had pretty long necks and beaks..was trying to google water birds to see if I could figure it out.. maybe a Heron or something.

Bear Creek Park 043

Of course as usual we started to get goofy with our pictures

Bear Creek Park 075

The sky was for a time almost cloudless, then these really nice puffy clouds that looked like daubs of paint showed up, very picturesque.
Bear Creek Park February 2008 068
(Above photo by Tom)

We walked just about as far as we could and turned back to the path that led to the car. Along the way I made a new friend, a really sweet dog who spotted me as a sucker from a distance and came running with this flexy frisbee like thing. While we chatted with his owner I tossed the thing several times for him to run after. Tom pointed out he appeared to be dying to catch the thing in mid air but my rather lame throws were making that impossible.

Bear Creek Park February 2008 070
(Above photo by Tom)

In my defense I was throwing with my left hand which is not my frisbee hand. I was too busy trying to get a picture of the dog as it ran back towards me. After telling him it was the last time he fixed his hopeful gaze on me, ran back out into the snow and did this really cute sideways slink run, like he was going “Aww come on just ONE MORE PLEASEEEEE!!!” Who was I to argue? Who could say no to that face?

Bear Creek Park 102

Reluctantly I had to stop playing with the dog. The lady laughed and wished us a great rest of the afternoon and went on walking with her dog. Man I REALLY want a dog! Of course the dogs I’ve been ooing over are not exactly the kind of dogs that will play frisbee with me. Hmmm…. something to think about..

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