Teen Angst Monday

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve reconnected via Facebook with a fairly large number of friends on from my old high school circle. I’ve enjoyed both the looking back and the catching up with them, some who I still am very fond of all these years later, despite all that time that has passed.

I’ve also mentioned that I’ve gone back and re-read my diaries from those days which has provided me hours of amusement. So for fun, I’ve decided to dedicate Monday as a day I pick an entry from the diary to post.

For the inaugural entry, I decided to pick a very bad poem I wrote about a guy I dated over the summer of 1982. Of course I read a whole lot more into the relationship than he did… to say the least! I was 16,what do you want?? Didn’tja know you could be in LURVE at that age?? Heh. The poem itself was written on notebook paper using my version of calligraphy which was also, well, pretty bad.

Tribute; Summer ’82

The stars were brightly sparkling

In our hearts and in our eyes,

Our love itself seemed endless

When your arms encircled mine.

The problems that surround us

Rose above and blew away,

Like the stormy clouds of sorrow

That can end a perfect day.

Why can’t the roads all lead me back

To where it seemed a Fairy Tale?

My love grew strong inside me

But yours was fine and frail.

I want to have you once again

As a Mentor and a Friend,

Our love means more than anything,

So please, don’t let it end.

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