Holidaaaaaaaayyyyyyy, Celebraaaate… it would be soooooooooooooo nice

We’re all booked! Whoohoo!

^^^ That’s been with me all evening. We watched the Wedding Singer the other night and I was singing that song in that way to Tom in the car as I was saying it still seems sooo far away AND WOULD BE SOOOOOO NIIICCCEEEEE.

We’ve picked our seats on the plane, the hotel rooms near the airport for the return trip are reserved, all we have yet to do is figure out which rental car company can give us the best deal.

It is always humorous sitting by watching Tom go over the reservations (and over them) before the big button is pushed. I tend to tune him out now and let him go through his routine (right honey?)

The next step will be Tom’s Vacation Spread Sheet ©

I have to admit they do come in handy, they are a nice central place to keep track of confirmation numbers, driving directions, store locations and the like and usually are really nicely colour coded as to what category they fit in. As I’ve said before, I’m anal in so many aspects of my life, particularly work.. but I hate booking travel and I hate keeping track of all that stuff. I’m the person usually fumbling in line for check-in trying to find my confirmation number in all the crap that I printed after booking online when I travel alone. I start out organized but then I start shuffling things around when I need that ONE THING and then when the time comes I’ve moved the next thing I need. I blame my fear of flying.

I do better at borders. The border people have told me multiple times that I am scarily organized and I can account for everything I’ve bought by categories down to the penny including exchange rate. I think because I treat that like a financial transaction, and hey, hello strength! It also helps that I have a super memory so I could literally tell them item by item what I bought and where. I’m not kidding. If all people were like me the border line-ups would be a lot shorter I’m sure.

So I guess we both have our things…

I’m thinking we need to buy another suitcase for one of the Boys, they shared last year other than a sports bag a piece and that didn’t really work so well and won’t in a plane trip (the last was by car). That will give them more room for their stuff and maybe provide some extra space if Momma hits the mother-lode at ROSS (baby!)

As tempting as it is, I don’t want to take Bagzilla..

You can’t really get the sheer size of Bagzilla from that photo, but trust me, it’s pretty darn big. It’s not so much the size alone that is the problem (though it would complicate things in the trunk of the rental car) it is also the fact that because it holds a lot of crap, it gets HEAVY.

So I’ve decided to play it this way for me. I will take my regular suitcase, not the tiny carry on kind and pack lightly, leaving room for any purchases I just happen to make at say ROSS (baby!) Our “Villa” comes equipped with a washer/dryer which we didn’t take advantage of last time. This time I think it makes a lot of sense, I mean priorities people! New clothes room!


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