How Bizarre

When I was driving to pick up the Boy after work yesterday I heard a couple of stories on the radio that caught my attention.

In order to prepare for the Olympics in Beijing, the Government there has instituted programs to stamp out littering, spitting, swearing and has even set aside a day each month as a voluntary stand in line day in order to teach patience and politeness, particularly when it comes to the transit system. The influx of foreign nationals who are used to a more polite approach to waiting for your turn will experience some culture shock and probably get pretty pissed unless they’ve been there before.

I myself have experienced this cultural difference in my own back yard taking our own train. Anyone who has come from a Country where I guess you have to force your way on and off public transit has yet to learn that you let people OFF the train before you try to force your ass on it. I have had to resort to either raising my voice or shoving my way off the train after a polite “excuse me” doesn’t work. I’m more gentle with the frailer older folk though.

The second story comes out of the UK. A man’s body was discovered after laying decomposing on the couch for years. Ok, that happens sometimes, people die and aren’t discovered, particularly if they have no family/friends and their bills continue to be paid automatically (until the money runs out). In this case however, the man had a roommate who continued living there! With the body! The neighbours had been complaining about a bad smell for years even talking to the man who lives there about it and offering suggestions to make things umm smell better, but nobody had suspected that anyone had actually died. Blurgh!

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