And they called it “Puppy Love”

I’ve wanted a dog for a long time now but circumstances being what they are no doggies in our immediate future I’m afraid. This doesn’t stop the doggie want however. I usually get my puppy “fix” by going by the local pet shop and making an ass out of myself playing and making faces at the various kennels. They have all kinds of dogs there and they never last long, it’s a constant rotation of various breeds of dogs. I guess part of the reason they do so well is from what I understand they are supplied by real reputable breeders (and give you the breeder’s details and contact info) and have a good reputation themselves. Several of them in there know me on sight and when it is quiet I’ve gotten to hold a puppy or two. They are used to gawkers though, how could they not be in that business?

When I’m feeling stressed or blue or cranky or whatever, just stopping by and watching the puppies play will bring a smile to the old face.

I have no idea what breed of dog I will eventually end up with. Tom has often said it will be the first rotten little naughty puppy that flings himself at me that will capture my heart despite what plans I may make and he’s probably right. I’ve generally ended up with the most rotten but most loving cats on the planet so why would it be different with a dog? They choose me and I’m just a big sucker.

Anyway, I’ve already mentioned my love of the goofy Chihuahua (the perky friendly ones, not the timid ones) and another dog breed I love is Parson Jack Russells. I’m more partial to the smoother pups (same with Chihuahuas) but I have to admit Eddy from the old Frasier show is darn cute too.

So if I can’t get out to the puppy store, sometimes I resort to coveting other people’s puppies on Youtube.

I bring you three bundles of cuteness that made me smile anyway.

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