Cat like thief

We had salmon, rice and veggies for dinner tonight and Nutmeg sat beneath the table hoping that a few little bits of Salmon may accidentally find their way to the floor. Now with the way the Boys eat that is always a possibility so he’s a smart fella.

Tonight after Chris had finished his dinner and had left the usual mess where his plate once was, Nutmeg casually jumped up on his abandoned chair and just watched us eat with his very soulful eyes. Sean and I were watching something that was on TV our faces turned away from the table and when he saw his chance out of the corner of my eye I saw his nose rising above the table top, little black nostrils a’flaring and then, every so slowly, a sneaky paw tapping at the table and pulling down some rice he found with it.

He then curled his paw inward and started to eat the rice. Nutmeg discovered that he does indeed like rice.

Sean caught on to what he was doing and not that I encourage the cats visiting the table I couldn’t resist watching this, so Sean and I pretended to talk (basically talking nonsense) and watched his paw sneak up yet again for another grain or two of rice.

I tried to sneak away and grab my camera so I could capture this slow motion theft. Nutmeg is prone to stealing milk out of cups left out every now and then too… but alas I was too slow and he too wise.

After I started to clear the table he jumped onto another chair and proceeded to wash his face as cats do, with great gusto Even after only a few stolen grains of rice.

I give you the face of guilt.


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