Happy Made up, jack up the prices Day

We kind of don’t do Valentine’s Day. It isn’t because we’re not romantic or thoughtful, it’s just that we don’t like doing it when convention says so. I much prefer our spontaneous acts of thoughtfulness to that one day a year.

That being said, we don’t let the day pass by entirely without acknowledgment we Do do cards.

I had to go into the office today and Tom is working tonight so other than a quick kiss when I got out of bed before Tom passed out again (he worked late last night too) I didn’t see him all day. I was trying to figure out a place to leave his card so he would see it (amongst the mess the kids seem to have on every conceivable surface!) and figured the best place would be on his padded footstool. Sooner or later I figured, he would come out to have his coffee and breakfast on the couch relaxing before he had to head out too and I figured that he would see that first thing for sure. I wasn’t counting on … well, I will let Tom tell it in his own words from the email he sent me at work…

“So I wake up, start making coffee, see Nutmeg “loafing” on the stool…do a few other things (start a load of laundry, do my cereal, pour coffee, etc), he’s still lying on the stool…
…come out to the living room, sit down, start eating…a good half hour or so goes by before he moves off the stool.
Lo and behold!!! LMAOOOOOOO
I actually saw a corner of something purple under him, but it didn’t register that it would be anything more than some random flotsam that would normally be left there. Would have made a great picture, though…doubt I could recreate it.
So THANK YOUUUU!!!! KISSSSSSSSSSSSSS Happy made-up, jack-the-prices-up day to you, too!! LMAO”

If you haven’t figured out what that was all about, Nutmeg was sleeping on his card.

I came home from work to find my card from Tom propped on the table, he had managed to clear some of the crap off of one surface so I would see it. Standing it upright was a good move too.

See, were not totally above the whole thing.

I bring you


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