The Ocean dreams

I don’t know if I have ever longed to get on a plane more than I am right now. I don’t even LIKE flying. Ok more like I hate it, uhh I’m terrified of it. Shows how much I need my vacation right about now. It is still a very long four weeks and change away. I’m dreaming of the Ocean!

During a work conference call when my contact asked me how I was doing my answer to her was “Well I’m one day closer to my vacation!” Once she found out where we were going she understood (she’s seen the pictures). Now it’s a running joke, every time I talk to them she’ll say to me “One more day closer!” some of the people on the calls of course have no idea what we are talking about. Just like our code for it’s been a bad week is “the goose is flying low” or “The goose is honking”. We’re referring to Grey Goose, the vodka the she got ME into. I was happily drinking my Absolut until then. Once you go grey you never go back.

I’m going to be heading down to Georgia (y’all) again in April a month or so after we fly back from Cali. Hopefully I can get there and back without getting the Ebola virus this time (ok it was a bad cold but man it sucks to fly when you’re evil sick) The conference I’m attending goes an extra day this year which is great, more content! The Director of our Client relations team told me that he was pretty disappointed that last time some people either blew off or left half way through the second day (and that was only a 5 or so hour day) to fly or drive back home. As sick as I was that day, that was the day *I* didn’t want to miss. They were getting to the good stuff in my opinion. They usually have activities planned as well  which is nice but which I don’t partake in, sometimes I wonder if that is more the focus for some people in going. I’m a nerd I go for the biznass. I get to participate, give my opinions and/or wants and they listen. Not braggin’ but I’m good at what I do plain and simple.

But ugh, let’s put work away for the weekend and concentrate on the evening’s agenda. I have decided that I want to yet again spend the night with another kind of Ocean, my boyfriend George Clooney. I’m gonna watch for the 1,000,000,000 time Ocean’s Eleven curled up on the couch under my favourite blankie with a nice tall ,cold glass of Riesling, watch my favourite caper film and wait up for Thomas who is at work tonight.

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