Donald and Daisy in da house…

well more like the pond.

At lunch I went outside for a walk to clear my head and as I was passing the pond in front of our condo I saw some movement in the water. I looked over and to my delight I saw a duck, then I saw another. Awww a duckie couple! In the number of years we’ve lived here I’ve NEVER seen any ducks in the pond. I was thrilled. (I know I’m lame.)

I ran back inside to grab my camera (and a piece of bread) and hurried out hoping they would still be there. I had nothing to worry about they were happily swimming around searching for food. I slowly approached and started tossing them bits of bread to coax them over as they were giving me that head tilted one eyed suspicious look but the idea of food overrode any fear and they swam up and started tucking in.

Donald and Daisy have moved in to our condo pond


I was happily feeding them, hoping that I wasn’t going to get the smack down for feeding wildlife and encouraging them to stay. I hope they do and build a little nest and have lots and lots of babies. I hope that some asshole kid or someones delinquent dog doesn’t scare them away. I hope the strata aren’t assholes and do something to get rid of them. We have all kinds of wildlife around here, including wild brown bunnies. The skunks I could do without cos man they reek up the place in the summer as they were nesting somewhere nearby and more often than I would like the smell of their spray would waft in here. But ducks? I love ducks. Sure I know they crap all over but it’s only two and they’re small. So will be their babies (hope hope hope!)

Man too bad Cinnamon can’t get out and see them she would freak out!

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