Hello Oscar

Tom’s TV station is having an Oscar pool again this year, yay! As usual the task of actually picking our choices for the winner of each category is given to me. Yay yay! In past years I’ve done pretty good, once coming pretty darn close to winning. Ok last year I kind of sucked but this year, I dunno..

The bad part is, I haven’t seen even one of the movies nominated (though I do want to see Juno and Michael Clayton when they come to DVD) or for that matter really paid any attention to any of the hype so I had to vote with gut feeling, a whole lotta guessing and a side of George (Clooney). Come on, like I’d vote against HIM. Dark horse or no he has my vote. Take THAT Daniel Day Lewis! I really love to watch the Oscars for the Red carpet, the clothes, the faux pas. It IS great when someone I like is up for an award too (like GEORGE!)

Speaking of Tom, he’s off to Florida day after tomorrow :( I’m sure gonna miss him. I think it’ll be the longest we’ve been apart since we finally were able to live together. Of course compared to how long we were apart after we got married (just shy of a YEAR minus the visits) this will be a cake walk. :)

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