The show

Some rambling thoughts from the Oscar show as they happen.

  • LMAO @ the failed political aspirations of Gaydolf Tittler (I heart Jon Stewart)
  • Steve Carrel is so freaking cute!
  • Yay the Oscar announcer pronounced Katherine Heigl’s name right (hire her for the next Emmy show!)
  • The things in the ceiling above the performers look like upsidedown honey pots.
  • That little Italian guy was so cute! “There was something I wanted to say but I forget…”
  • Javier Bardem is hot (see the fact he looks like Denny from Grey’s) and awww he loves his Momma. I have a soft spot for Spanish men (hellooooo Antonio Bandaras)
  • Tilda Swinton has no word mascara!! I think she truly looked shocked to win.
  • If my opinion counts I think Seth Rogan looks more like Halle Berry
  • Though I was pulling for Julie Christie I was touched by Marion Cotillard’s excitement for her win.
  • LMAO@ Jon for someone pulled ahead in their Oscar pool with a guess (Not me *sigh*)
  • What the hell is wrong with John Travolta’s hair? It looks like it was sprayed on!
  • Cameron Diaz needs Hooked on Phonics (SIN-A-MA-TOG-GRAF-EE)
  • Harrison Ford was slightly more animated than usual but his speech was a bit slurry. Drinking? Age?The effects of living with Calista?
  • Helen Mirren is so cool, she should be on Tom’s cleans up nice list (come on George!)
  • Awww Daniel kissed George! (lucky Daniel!)
  • There are my favourite eyebrows again! Love Martin!!!!
  • Thank God Ethan has his brother to speak for him!
  • Oooooo Denzel is rockin the crome dome

All in all a kind of boring show. One thing I will give it was it was kept short and on track. No more shows that go on until after 10 Pacific time. Jon did pretty good as host. There were a lot of montages.. I wonder if that is because the writers strike went on so long or the well had run dry with all that time off from running?
My ballot results through the evening:

  • Costume design (Blew it!)
  • Animated feature (Got it!)
  • Makeup (Got it!)
  • Visual effects (Got it!)
  • Art Direction (Got it!)
  • Supporting Actor (Got it!)
  • Short film live action (Got it!)
  • Animated shot film (Blew it!)
  • Supporting Actress (Blew it!)
  • Adapted Screenplay (Got it!)
  • Sound editing (Blew it!)
  • Sound mixing (Got it!)
  • Best Actress (Blew it!)
  • Film Editing (Blew it!)
  • Foreign language film (Blew it!)
  • Original Song (Got it!)

Man I am sucking!

  • Cinematography (Blew it!)
  • Original score (Blew it!) Damn that was a waste of $2!
  • Documentary Short (Got it!) finally!
  • Documentary Feature (Blew it!) ok I was so guessing on these anyway
  • Original Screenplay (Got it!)
  • Best Actor (Blew it!) *sigh* I’m sorry George!
  • Best Director (Got it!)
  • Best Picture (Blew it!)

Ya ok so I sucked it overall.

12 wrong and 12 right. Blah. Oh well not surprised!!

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2 Responses to The show

  1. Tom says:

    Ah, but here’s how the rest of the entrants fared:

    You’re in an 8-way tie for 4th place…there were twelve people who did worse (last place is a 2-way tie, each had 6).

    3rd place had 13…

    2nd place had 15…

    …and the 1st place winner had a grand total of 16!

  2. americanuck says:

    This year was a huge guess-o-rama!!! One of my votes was based purely on loyalty (and hunkiness) and two I changed last minute (one of which was by boo-boo) still would have lost though!

    So far my closest was my second place finish a couple of years back….

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