Lacy Sunday

Last year I found a great show that plays on the Women’s channel here called “How to look good nakednot the new Carson Kressley version which I’m sure is good too, but I’m talking the British one with Gok Wan. I ran across it quite by mistake, got sucked in and try to catch it whenever I can.

Now I’m a sucker for makeover shows in general, but even more so when a show is out to make you realize that the bits you hate about yourself are not as bad as you think they are. There are practical tips on how to dress for your figure right now, ways to camouflage the bits you’d rather not highlight etc. The biggest piece of information for me that I took to heart was making sure you were in the correct size bra. According to the show most women do not get properly measured and wear the wrong size bra, most often one that is too small.

A too small bra is responsible for most of that horrible back fat bulging out and you know “the girls” are not in the right sized cup unless that bit in the middle isn’t flush up against your sternum and your cups don’t spilleth over the top so to speak.

I fell into that majority I’m afraid. I knew it, I just didn’t want to DEAL with it because frankly unless I’m tiny I find underwear shopping akin to torture. Now if manufacturers would all just get together and agree on measurements so one bra to the next would be at least similar it may not be quite the ordeal. Actually that same could be said for clothing manufacturers in general come to think of it….

Anyway, I decided that today was as good a time as any to give it a shot.

Umm yeah, so it wasn’t fun BUT, I did come out with some awesome bras that actually FIT and are kind of pretty to boot! In the interest of over-sharing as I’m apt to do.. here they are :)



The pink and silver/greyish ones are the exact same style (just different colours duh) and I couldn’t resist the white number with the kinda corset like ties in the middle. My one bow to “practicality” was the smoother beige number to be worn under clothes when you don’t want anything lacy to show, not that I care that much anyway.

I think as I shrink (and obviously so shall my boobs somewhat) I may rediscover the lingerie fanatic that I once was. I always loved knowing that I had on a really sexy piece of lingerie underneath my clothes instead of just wearing you know underwear.

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