Cut my hair

I finally got a trim on the nasty rat’s nest I was carrying on my head.

I am SO glad I was able to score an appointment with my stylist before we went on the trip, I really didn’t want to be dealing with all that bulk while we were away and though I can rarely get the hair to look or feels as good blow dried as she can get it, it will be sooo much easier to deal with even if I let it do it’s own curly thang. I’m not sure when exactly my hair went from waves to curls but it sure can get crazy.

I also have a lot of hair so it’s a matter of thinning out what is there and adding some more layers. My hair not only grows down it grows OUT.

Anyway I took pictures of it while it lasts.

New haircut


Three more days of office work, one more day of housecleaning and then weeeee’rreeee outta here! Whoohooo!

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