Gotta Travel On

Well we’re in the home stretch! We’ve cleaned the house, the cats are in jail (aka the V.E.T for boarding) and we’re mostly packed.  Now it’s about time to hop in the shower to be ready to leave at the crack of dawn for the border. We’re flying out of Seattle (as it a WAY better deal out of that airport than Vancouver) and hopefully won’t face a huge line there. Even if we do we’ve got that factored in for time. We’re hoping the border is a breeze and then we can spend time having a nice leisurely breakfast instead of a mad dash for the airport. Here’s hoping.

Oh and yanno how I thought I had something bad happening leak-wise in my car last summer? Well I noticed there was a small spread out pool of something kind of greasy under my car. It’s hard to tell the colour because it was on dirty concrete but it smelled kind of oily, though a bit different from what I sniffed off my dipstick. So I’ve stuck some cardboard under the car to catch whatever may drip in the week we’re gone which should help the mechanic figure out what the hell it is.  I was so choked cos first of all I panic when something goes wrong with my car and second the timing SUCKS because there is no way to take it in until we get back. So basically I’m car-less until we get it looked at. The cardboard has been there overnight and Tom checked and couldn’t see anything on the cardboard so I’m thinking it must be a slow leak of some kind. Still, I refuse to let it ruin the vacation. I won’t think about the cost and keep my fingers crossed that it is still under warranty for whatever it is.

I shall be blogging from California as our resort has high speed Internet (yay!) as well as uploading pictures when possible cos it will help keep my memory card from maxing out!

I so can’t wait! California here we come!!!

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