Sunset Beach

Well, here we are at the end of our first full day at Seascape. MAN the day went by quickly. Of course as Tom points out we slept in until almost 11!

We finally dragged our butts out and had breakfast at a chain restaurant called Jeffrey’s (which seems to be a magnet for the aged in the area) and then hit up the Safeway for some basic breakfast provisions (and a few other items) for the rest of the week.

The plan for the remainder of the day, that is until dinner, was to walk down the path to the beach and then take a nice long walk. Sean and I dared to get up close and personal with the waves (I have the wet shoes to prove it) and of course took LOTS of photos, me more than anyone as usual.


I LOVE the sound of those waves!

I made a new friend during the walk, this little doggy came right to me and asked me to play wet, sandy, floppy frisbee with him…

Of course after he found out how lame a thrower I was he took the Frisbee over to Tom and begged him to play instead!

Down the beach a ways there are a bunch of private beach houses. Most of them seemed pretty closed up, storm shutters down and everything which led us to believe these were some rich (lucky) people’s summer or vacation homes. Damn!


Here is my lame attempt to get everyone into one shot. I would love this picture if my big head wasn’t in the right hand corner and if I hadn’t lopped off the top of Tom’s head.


After the walk we headed back to spend some time relaxing at “home”. Tom went and took a nap, the boys were watching two different TVs in here and I went out to attempt to surf the net on the balcony. Of course it turned out that my laptop screen became a giant mirror so I gave up on that thought and decided to just enjoy the view instead.


Of course I took some more pictures from the balcony while I was at it.



And of my feet while I was at it.. this was the position I was sitting in for ages.


Tom woke up and took a shower before we headed out to dinner and I enjoyed another evening sunset.

Seascape 004

Man I love this place.

Seascape 013

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