Barf Bag Boogie

The night before last we had made a run to the Red Lobster for dinner, yesterday Sean made a run for the toilet. He ended up with some kind of stomach thing which lasted pretty much all of yesterday and hit the worst last night when he got to see a re-run of his dinner in a technicolour burp. It was In-n-out too! What a waste! (J/K poor kid!) Not sayin’ that the upset stomach and the dinner were related but..

Spring Break 019

Spring Break 016

Chris had a big ass pile of crab legs and it was pretty amusing watching him try to figure out how to get to the meat.

Yesterday had started alright, we went for a drive to check out some Ross (aka monkey) stores and a Macy’s in a near by towns (lousy selection once again at Ross I’m afraid, I did better at Macy’s). On the way we stopped off at the collectible military store that Chris fell in love with last year. We waited, and we waited, and man we waited some more.

Spring Break Day 3 002

Spring Break Day 3 009

He finally came out with a couple of compasses, one WWI era and one WWII and a big smile on his face. As far as he’s concerned the trip is a success.

Spring Break Day 3 012

Here are the boys at In-n-Out in between Sean’s bouts of “I’m not feeling good”. Eating again was a BAAAD idea as it turns out.

Thankfully after resting most of today and infusing him with salts and sugars (and expelling whatever it was that was taking root REPEATEDLY) he is feeling better tonight and it looks like we will be able to make our run to San Fran tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and this morning Tom pointed out some dolphins swimming by. I took a picture..(not to change subjects or anything)
Seascape Dolphins! (3)

Ok you will have to click on the original size to even have a clue where to find the dolphin fins but trust me, those dark spots are dolphins!

Tom and I went to the store to pick up some more water, some more Immodium (just in case) and some Gatoraid. As we were out anyway (grin) we stopped at another Ross, this one in Santa Cruz. This one was a lot less picked over and I managed to walk out with a few really cute tops and my sanity (there were no families with screaming brats in this one, just some really overly coiffed ladies who lunch types). We also went to the Cost Plus World Market (which is a really cool store wish there is one closer to us). During our drive we kind of accidentally discovered a really cute little seaside area in Capitola. It has some lovely little shops and a really nice beach-side area. We’re going to try and make a point of going back through there to have a look round if we can.

We had take-out dinner from the local Chinese place which was eh..and then waited on the balcony for another spectacular sunset.



As usual it didn’t disappoint!


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