Leaving This Town

Yesterday we made our way up to San Francisco for the day as Sean was feeling better. We weren’t able to visit Alcatraz as it turns out because the tickets this time of year seem to need to be booked in advance. I guess it’s because it isn’t the high season yet? The kids were a little bit disappointed, but were ok with it.

We visited Pier.. ummm what is it again?
San Francisco 2008 029
(like anyone could forget! It is on everything!)

Stood in front of Alcatraz in the wind tunnel and took some snapshots

San Francisco 2008 035

(My hair was so tangled after this!)

San Francisco 2008 033
(How touristy do they look?)

Watched the Sea Lions fight a floaty territorial war ..

San Francisco 2008 044

….then had lunch at the Bubba Gump restaurant. While we were waiting for our seats Tom did his best Forrest impression..

San Francisco 2008 065

After lunch we hit up some of the touristy shops. I bought more fridge magnets to add to my collection (yeah I’m lame) and picked up an Alcatraz Sweatshirt while I was at it. Chris wanted to go to this memorabilia shop that has all kinds of autographed items and he ended up buying a signed picture of Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) in the “gold bikini” (rolls eyes).

San Francisco 2008 107

I FINALLY got to get up to Haight-Ashbury to get my shot of the street signs. Tom had to drop me off and drive around the block to do it as there wasn’t any parking in the area, and what little there was was metered and we were without quarters. The area reminds me a wee bit of some of the seedier areas around Vancouver so I was kind of glad the boys jumped out with me. I quickly popped into shop and picked up a sweatshirt and tank top. Yay!
San Francisco 2008 161

We got back in time to catch the last sunset of our trip (sigh)

2008 181

We had pizza from the Village Host Pizza parlor (HIGHLY recommended!) and stuffed ourselves sick with it. It has to hold us over cos we sure don’t have pizza places that make anywhere decent pizza near us. I caught the boys in the middle of their initial bites in this photo… each of them has the weirdest expression (heh)


We had the sliding door open to catch the last chance wave sounds and Tom got a wee bit chilly. He ended up throwing on one of the robes in our closet and voila.. what an outfit!

This morning we made sure we were up in time to have some coffee, pack up our shit and then go for one last walk on the beach.


Here is my booty… yeah baby I did alright!



We had some time to kill before we headed up to San Jose to our hotel closer to the airport so we did some driving around, first through Capitola then around Santa Cruz. We didn’t feel like trying to find parking (it’s a holiday weekend so all the locals were out and about today) so we just stuck with cruising around.





We did one more dinner at an In-N-Out (which just so happens to be right near out hotel, how cool is that?) and then Tom returned the rental car. We’re catching the shuttle early in the am to the airport.

Right now I’m uploading the remainder of my pictures to Flickr and writing this from upon the hotel bed.

Damn what a nice time we had (apart from Sean’s little bout of food poisoning). We really didn’t want to leave! Now were sitting here in San Jose I’m ready to go home and get our cats out of jail. I’m sure they are gonna be nice and skitzy!

Our flight leaves some time around 9:30 and then we’ve got that lovely drive from Seattle and then the border to deal with. Talk atcha from back home!

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