Letters from home

We got up at the crack of dawn to make sure we were packed up, ready and waiting for the shuttle driver to take us over to the San Jose airport. It turns out there was a bit of a mix-up at the desk as they had our first request time noted, not the earlier time Tom changed our shuttle booking to.

We were sitting around in the lobby for about half an hour when the shuttle driver ran in.

Goin' home 001

Totally not his fault and a nice young guy who turns out was born up here in BC. Strangely enough we seemed to run into quite a few people that were born here, lived here at one time or visited here a lot.

We made good time once we were at the airport though. No lines to speak of for check-in and the same with security. The dude checking passports asked me of Chris “Does he want a valid passport?” I’m all like umm yeah why? He then points out Chris didn’t sign his (oops!) Of course he could have said it a wee bit less passive-aggressively but whatever, he had the power I guess. Chris signed it and he checked the passport with some kind of magnifying thing and let us through to security. The boys and I made it through the metal detector with no issues, Tom on the other hand ended up setting it off somehow and had to be hand scanned and patted, they said they were sorry but they had to do this that and the other. He was all like do what you gotta do! We’re not sure exactly what caused it but once they were satisfied it was his clothing or something they let him go. I set one of those things off with my bra once so I know how it feels!

We grabbed a quick Burger King breakfast (blech) and then went to our gate to wait until boarding.

On the plane in front of the boys was a lady who was sick and barfing before we even took off. The flight attendant was gathering her extra barf bags from her seat neighbours.. blech! I was hoping she didn’t have anything contagious.

Goin' home 005

We were sad to be leaving (our sad faces:)

Goin' home 007

But it was nice to sleep in our own bed. It’s just too bad our own bed isn’t located in California *yet!* heh

Tom had a challenge getting our now slightly puffier bags back into the trunk of his car… it was a little bit of trunk Tetris but he managed after taking a few items out of the cases and stuffing them around the suitcases.

The lineup at the border was probably about a half hour or so and we went straight to the V.E.T.S. and sprung the furry kids from jail. They’ve been pretty clingy and have slept A LOT since they got home. Cinny is hoarse doing her best Lucille Ball impression (you have to hear it to understand what I mean) and Nutmeg is having his Vietnam flashbacks but he’s doing better too.

At least I still have one more day off, sadly Tom doesn’t he’s back to work tomorrow morning. I’m gonna try and book an appointment to have the mystery fluid leak identified sometime this week. I need my car!!

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