We are hungry

Gah! Since this morning I’ve had to listen to the sound from a carpet cleaning van. So much for a nice peaceful last day of vacation! I suppose I’ve gotten used to it, but seriously who still has carpet in this place? I swear most places have hardwood or laminate these days. The amount of time this van has been out there the entire until must be carpet and they must also be doing their furniture. Sigh I want my silence back!

I called the local Mazda dealer to book an appointment for Freddy McLeaky. I was hoping to get one today (fat chance!) but managed to get in for tomorrow. I booked it late enough that I can get a ride home from Tom (he will get home after that but I won’t have to wait too long) if they need to keep it longer than the one night. XXXXXing fingers it is either under warranty or cheap to fix! We’ve got a vacation to pay for dammit!

For lunch I made myself a tuna sandwich. Of course Nutmeg used his psychic powers and read my mind once again and was waiting for me when I turned around. He had been asleep in the other room and had, I guess, passed on the news to Cinny cos she had come with. They waited rather impatiently for their nosh.

Mamma give me Tuna!!!! 002

Mamma give me Tuna!!!! 001

Mamma!!! Give us Tuna!!!!

Mamma give me Tuna!!!! 003

But ate it with gusto…

Mamma give me Tuna!!!! 005


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