Drive my Car

Well it turns out that the mystery fluid leak  from Freddy wasn’t such a mystery after all. I went to my local Mazda dealer and turned him over and a few minutes later the mechanic came out and told me that my after market oil filter was the cause of the leak, or rather that and the way it was installed from my last oil change. A pox on Jiffy Lube!! He told me that is the first thing they look at basically when a customer complains of leaks.

Well, lesson learned. No more Jiffy Lube for this girl. I mean the dealer doing the service isn’t any more expensive, just a tad less convenient but screw convenience if I have to worry about the quality of service. See they bought themselves a service customer now.

Another side benefit I guess from my trip to the dealer is there was a couple of recall items to deal with, one something to do with the “Automatic transmission oil pipe” whatever that is and they also did the door lock reinforcement (the M3’s were prone to break ins where someone could basically punch the door in certain place and unlock the car, nice eh?) that I got a notice about from Mazda Canada. They said in the notice that once parts were available they would notify me to book an appointment, so this saves me another trip so yay!

I have to say the service people there were fantastic. They had previously checked out my ABS light and reset the shifting for me so now it shifts like a dream and today they were efficient helpful and friendly. I didn’t even get scolded for using the JL. Oh yeah and they also washed my car (it was filthy!!!!). Score! I spent a while shooting the breeze with a very sweet sales guy. He had seen me checking out the paint sample book (as I LOVED a new colour they’ve just come out with and I was trying to figure out what it was called)  and he asked if I needed any help, when I explained why I was there we started chatting. He asked me about my car told me how great they were and how it should last me for years etc. He didn’t give me the high pressure sales pitches at all. I’ve been to dealers that were all over you whether you were there for service or not so I appreciated that. I wish all sales people would realize that it’s the EXPERIENCE that makes you buy from them along with price. I will and have walked away from sales people by how much the hound me.

I’ve been pretty impressed with Mazda right from the beginning when I started researching my car purchase back in 2004. I only had one bad experience with another dealer where the guy was being a slime trying to take advantage of me when I was doing some price quoting over the phone. The two dealers that were the straightest with me were the one over in Guildford mall called Freeway Mazda (where I got my service) and Wolfe Langley Mazda (where I bought the car). I would totally go back to either of them.

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