No need to argue

I took Sean to the Orthodontist today and we got some good news; Sean only has to wear his elastics at night and it’s looking like one more check up appointment and then we can schedule the braces to be removed and the retainer would go on a day later. The doctor said that he would need to wear the retainer full time for a week, then only at night from then on.

I promised Sean that after we get his teeth cleaned at the dentist we would get him some of those Crest white strips and whiten those straight teeth up. He’s really excited about it. I seriously cannot wait to see what he will look like when all is said and done!

After we picked up Chris from work we dropped him and Sean off at their Father’s. Tom had a craving for Wendy’s so he suggested we go there for dinner. Like I’m gonna say no to Wendy’s! On the way I noticed a sign in a new development area that a Carl’s Jr is going up here. It’s no In-N-Out but it’s a start!

It was an evening for arguments there too, a couple gets into a fight after taking FOR.EVER. to order their food (the poor counter guy did a great job restraining the eye-rolls I’m sure he was dying for) They literally asked what Wendy’s served (Umm hello look up! Hey a menu!) and what everything cost. They had who I assume was their daughter with them, a very sweet faced girl who was visually impaired who just silently stood detached there while they fought. The woman especially would not stop bitching, something about him not using a coupon. Seriously my heart went out to that girl because man, to have a harpy like that as your Mom when you’ve already got enough to deal with? She harped at her Husband all the way to the car (and for quite some time in their car in the parking lot as we were sitting by the window they were in plain view).

Then there was the Manager who was REALLY rude to her Staff, in particular to a lady working the grill who filled the order of a guy who did NOT order fries but then insisted he did (the counter lady had gone goodness knows where). The lady didn’t take the order, she was reading what was on the order screen. The manager happens to overhear and says in a very harsh tone “GIVE HIM THE FRIES!!!” then follows the lady over to the fries station to bitch her out some more. I was saying to Tom I can’t STAND managers who yell at their Staff number one, but even more so in public… in FRONT of your Customers? I mean hello, does this woman not realize that these types of jobs are a wee bit hard to fill these days? All I see are help wanted ads. Best not yell at your Staff or maybe you’ll be workin’ the grill yourself there chickiepoo.

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