Cold Hearted

I’ve mentioned my new fave show Cold Case before. I’ve been watching it in syndication on one of the local channels, started during the writer’s strike but now I’m hooked. Tonight’s episode had Nick finding a baby outside and then ending up taking care of it reluctantly letting it go when the Mom was found. Awww man I tell ya I love that guy. He acts all tough guy and gruff but under all that is that cute squishy side. I’m tellin ya I gotta update my list. ;) I went and checked out his (or rather the Actor Jeremy Ratchford’s)  home page, I didn’t realize he was from Canada! The picture links are dead on the site (yeah I looked, I’m lame.)
I always end up blubbering at the end of almost every episode, I mean it’s hard not to as the person who you get to know in flashbacks is still, well, dead. I have Sean and Chris hooked now too, Tom’s been watching it with me (when he doesn’t have to get up at the crack of ridiculous for the morning show). There was one episode that ended up with a lynching that Sean and I saw, both of us were snuffly though I didn’t bother trying to hide it.

Seriously, if you don’t watch it yet go do it. Go. Tell me if I’m wrong. I’ll wait.
Speaking of Television all the shows are FINALLY going to be starting up again soon. Like I’ve said before, I get what they were trying to do and I was on their side I just MISSED the shows so much. Just in time cos we’ve gone through most of the DVDs we’ve wanted to watch. I did go out and buy Season one of Dexter on DVD which we’ve yet to watch. I bought it on the strength of the first watered down Network episode which intrigued me. Hoping it lives up to it’s potential.

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