Bacon Bits

On the weekends the Boys are here I like to cook them up some kind of home-made breakfast. Sometimes it’s French toast, sometimes pancakes (from scratch!) but most of the time it involves bacon and eggs. Sean is a bacon fanatic. When he was on his liquid post-surgery diet what was he thinking of..fantasizing about? Chocolate? No.. BACON!

This weekend Chris worked early on Saturday so Sean also got HIS share of the bacon, so in other words he ate the same amount, no MORE than Tom and I did combined, yet the boy is still a scarecrow. Add to that all the snacking he does between meals he should bless his naturally fast metabolism.  I warn him that I was like that too once, I could eat what I wanted and look at me now. Oh yes one day my Boy it will catch up with you.

Anyway, I saw this post on the list of the day and it made me think of our little bacon freak Sean.

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