Too many mornings

I’m not a morning person.

Mornings suck!

There I said it. That’s half the battle right? Admitting it? When that alarm goes off, and it’s one of those progressively louder alarms, I’m almost on totally loud before I fight through the fog and flop my arm over to stifle that damn thing.


I’m one of those weirdos that has various clocks in my house set at different times. My alarm clock is about ten minutes before regular time. I factor in ten minutes of denial.

I know a groan escapes my lips when that ten minutes is up. I try to keep it quiet if Tom is sleeping longer than me but he’s usually woken up by the original bleat of my alarm anyway and his first words to me are “Poor you!” He knows me well.

I roll over and give him a smackeroo and hoist myself vertical. Nutmeg then walks into the room (if he isn’t there already) and jumps up for his “foot bonks”. It’s hard to explain but he likes to be petted and smacked and he bonks his face on my foot. Ya I know weird foot fetish cat but whatever. He claims my feet as his own every chance he can. Our cats are just as OCD as I am. They don’t get what then want when they expect it their universe is out of alignment the entire day.

After I give him his morning routine I gather what I need and stagger to the bathroom with one eye completely closed and one eye mostly closed. I then flip on the light and the one kind of open eye twinges. The clock in my bathroom is set to my bedside clock time. I also factor in about ten to fifteen minutes of sitting on the throne in denial whether I need it or not (sorry too much info, I know).

By then my eyes have adjusted to the light and I’m a bit more human. Showering makes me even more whole and Coffee, that lovely elixir, it saves my life.

My high school best friend used to work in a flower auction. This is a big warehouse type place where flower growers sell their wares to stores or the salesmen then in turn sell to them to smaller corner stores or grocery stores. It’s an EARLY morning job she held even during high school. She was a morning person which I guess was a good thing eh? A couple of times I house sat with her after graduation while her older brother or parents went away. I was working in a retail store back in those days and MY day didn’t begin until later, in fact some of my shifts went until 9:30 at night so *I* didn’t have to get up at the crack of ridiculous.

She was one of those people that even if we had partied the night before, or she stayed out late with her boyfriend could get out of bed the minute her alarm went off and she’d be all efficient and sing in the shower and while doing her hair. I would lay in bed with all kinds of evil thoughts going through my head and plot my revenge cos she’d be disturbing MY precious slumber. I loved her dearly but man I used to get pissy. She would just laugh at me. I mean come on those cheerful morning types make me sick!

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