Leak it out

You know how like if something happens to you or to something of yours you notice all the other people who are similarly afflicted that you never noticed before? Like how if you have a headlight burn out suddenly you see all these other cars driving around with one light while before you may have seen them but not really SEEN them?

After Freddy McLeaky started making a mess on the garage floor I started really paying attention to how many cars were leaking or rather were leaving varying degrees of greasy goo in their parking stalls. Ok some of them I noticed before because frankly they were GROSS, I’m talking soaked through paper, obviously having to top up a litre of oil a week kind of leaks. The ones I’m talking about are the uh-oh there is a problem kind of leaks like Freddy had. Tom had joked that maybe our parking lot was cursed and that it was only a matter of time that all the cars in there would succumb to the inevitable which if you think about it doesn’t bode well for his car (who by the way *I* totally named Mortimer and Tom calls no name.)

As I was walking with my big bag of wine bottles (I keed it is only like three bottles and one is Tom’s but he’s the bourbon dude) and carrying Chris’ X-Box in the sports bag that was coming back from his Father’s house.. I was crossing the lot through the spots and gingerly tip-toeing my way through the oil slicks when it suddenly occurred to me that maybe the lot isn’t cursed, maybe they just all go to the same “Squiffy” Lube that I went to!

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2 Responses to Leak it out

  1. Tom says:

    Actually, it’s Sean who calls it “No-Name.” I just call it “it” or “my car.”

    I’m bad enough with names, don’t need to complicate my life even MORE…

  2. americanuck says:

    Details details!


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