Over my Head

Today I went out for my daily umm walk and while I was standing minding my own business on the sidewalk a CROW came at me from behind, swooped, twisted it’s little talons in my hair and YANK pulled a few strands loose and flew up to the lamp post across the street.  My hair was in a pony tail so not only did it hurt from the roots but also cos he/she pulled hair that was trapped in a elastic.

To make it even worse he/she decided that the hair they got wasn’t enough and came in for another pass. I started hollering waving my hand and capering about and it did a full circle and landed back on the lamp post screaming at me. Man that freaked me out!

I double timed it back to the safety of my condo and not until I got back in did I think about what I must have looked like to any casual observer and started to laugh HARD. I’m telling ya as I’m typing this I’m still laughing. Oh to have a camera on you at all times, how many things one could post to have people laugh at their own expense!

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