She’s at an Intersection

Chris generally works until 10:00 pm Sunday nights and I play Mom’s taxi. I like taking the more quiet back road route to stay off the road that the “crazies” take, though at that time of the night there are less people on the road in general.

Tonight I was waiting in the left turn lane waiting for my turn, all the traffic in the three oncoming lanes were staggered and I just wasn’t getting a break. The light finally turns yellow the last couple of cars that entered the intersection during the yellow cleared and I get ready to turn. There was a fellow that was wanting to turn right onto the road I wanted, saw me and stopped. I go to make the turn and out of the blue a guy in the middle lane who was waaaaaaaay back from the line GUNS it and goes through the red. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid being the top of a nice big T-bone. The guy waiting to turn right threw his hands up in the air towards his head probably expecting to see an accident, I know I do the same thing cringing when you see something about to happen. I’m just glad I was paying attention, but man that idiot is still out there.

The drive home was uneventful. Chris being the protective Son he is was wishing all kinds of nasty things on this guy but I told him it’s bad Karma. I just hope this guy doesn’t end up taking out someone innocent someday.

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