Shout it out Loud

You know you’re getting old and/or overly stressed when the minute work is over you curl up for a nap.

I have been feeling SO wrung out this week. Part of it I’m sure has to do with a lovely case of food poisoning and the projects I’m working on AND a bunch of other stuff (you know dealing with kids and school and your mother.. the same ol’ thing.)

Yesterday was really one of those days. Normally I’m a pretty laid back balanced person. Ok, with an ever so slight drama queen that can raise her ugly head now and then but IMHO only when it’s called for. Yes I will go into a long tirade on how the world isn’t exactly just SO like it should be. I guess I’m not unique in wanting things to go exactly as I want them, I’m just a person who needs to control every single last iota and when the control isn’t mine it drives me BANANAS. I can picture Tom now holding out his hand and saying “We’ve met!” I’m just really REALLY anal thorough, so sue me!

I had a slight meltdown yesterday after holding things in which was probably pretty funny to see. When I get cranky and want to have a temper tantrum I will jump up and down shake my hands and head vigorously or go and kick something and then it’s over. I’ve been DYING to get a nice heavy bag which would not only be great for fitness but be a helluva way to get out frustration. Alas. No place to put one.

Anyway, back to yesterday. I walked into my room and was venting to Tom and during the vent I picked up a shirt that I had discarded and was emphatically whacking the bed with over and over when making my points and forgot that the cats were curled up on the other side and I had to laugh when I saw the looks on their little glowy-eyed faces. “MAMMA’S LOSIN’ IT!”

Then I had to laugh at the picture of me doing this, just like when I would go upstairs at the office and kick the brick wall while being watched by some office workers across the way). Good thing the bushes are getting higher up there. They can see less. Oh it helps so much I tell ya to just get it out. I guess it’s like primal scream therapy in a way ‘cept instead of screaming you just jump up and down, caper about and flail while cursing!

I’m off to Georgia (y’all) next week on business travel. It will be good to focus on other things for a week I think. I feel like I really contribute there during the conference and there is always interesting stuff coming down the pipe. The timing is actually good as there is some stuff that needs to be worked out (that is out of my control eep!) and I’m holding out hope that when I come back things will be in a place where I can pick up and go with gusto. Tom is coming with me and he will putter about along with playing driver. It will be nice to have him along! I will be back down in another month with a co-worker for some other project related stuff. Gosh, it will be three trips in three months including our vacation in March and more to come, though to a different destination. It’s almost like back when Tom and I were dating and I was a frequent flier. Thank goodness those days are over!

Peace out!

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3 Responses to Shout it out Loud

  1. americanuck says:

    I have been DYING to use that picture of Tom in something heh. He’s so cuuuuteeee!!!!

  2. Tom says:

    Eh, you’re biased.

    BTW folks, I’d like to emphasize that she was venting AT me….not ABOUT me.


  3. americanuck says:

    Or so he claims…. heh.

    J/K yes he was and is my wonderful sounding board and therapist! lmao

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