Goodbye Stranger

Today when I was out for my “walk”  I was out in front of our building and this older fella was shuffling up the street. When I say shuffling up the street I literally mean street. He was bypassing the sidewalk and walking up the middle of our cul-de-sac.

When he got up to where I was he looks at me and says “you outside in the sunshine” It wasn’t a question it was more like a statement. I looked up at the clouds where just a tiny bit of blue was poking through and said “Uh yeah.”

“What else?” he asks

So now I’m thinkin’ ok just maybe being conversational but maybe a teeny bit eccentric.

Me: “Nothing else, just umm enjoying being outside”

Him: “You live there?” he points to our building.

“Yep sure do!” I smile

Him: “So do I”

Me: “Ah ok..”

Him: “Can I come in with you?”

Me: (thinking) …. whut?

Okay, so by now I’m really starting to think perhaps this dude shouldn’t be wandering the streets.

Me: (saying) “Pardon me?”

Him: “Can I come into your place with you?”

Me: “Ummm I don’t think so”

Him: “Why not”

Me: “My Husband wouldn’t like it very much”

Him: “Why not?”

Me: “Bringing home a strange man” (whoooeee she thinks fast on her feet)

Him: “I’m not strange”

Me: (thinking) “Oh buddy I got news for ya”

Me: (saying) “Well…”

Him: (cutting me off) “I don’t think I want to come home with you, is that alright?” (giving me a wide berth and walking backwards away from me.)

Me: “Okey dokey…” :)

He shuffles off, still kinda sorta in the middle of our cul-de-sac occasionally looking back over his shoulder like I’m the devil and I’m gonna pounce or something. I keep an eye on him and I’m waiting for him to turn into our building, BZZZ not so much. He keeps walking and crosses over to the other side of the street. He then talks to an older woman who I’m thinking, ok maybe she knows him.

Ummm NOPE cos he shuffles into the building across the street and she stops and gives him the strangest look. I’m thinking he probably asked to go home with her too.

And here I was thinking I was special.

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