Unseen Unclean

Busy weekend we had! Friday night Tom was working ’til Midnight and had to drive home through the slush that had accumulated. I was waiting up for him and we had a couple of drinks and then slept in Saturday morning. Mother phoned wanting to know if we could pick her up a few odds and ends she remembered she needed and wanted us to pick her up a new vacuum cleaner. Luckily we would be in her area anyway as we had to drop the cats off at the Vets.

Rounding them up was fun (not!) They were fast asleep on the bed when I started pulling down their carrying cages and Tom noticed that their heads snapped up when they heard that sound. Nutmeg took off hiding under the table and Cinny hid under the bed. No amount of bribery or coaxing got them to come out. Both were grabbed forcibly and shoved in their cases. Oh the GUILT! Both of us felt crummy doing this to them but not like there is any choice! They howled the whole way there in the car and when we got to the vets the attendant there heard us come in and said “Oh there’s Cinnamon!” yeah she’s very well known there.

We went to the mall picked up my Mom’s stuff, dropped it off and Tom put together the vacuum and gave Mom a lesson on how to use it. I still think she’s gonna get confused! We had Chinese for dinner and some wine after dinner.

Today was all about the cleaning. I HAVE to come home to a clean house after a trip. I’m usually so completely fried after travel (especially across timezones) and this gives me a happy zen feeling when I return.

I had scrubbed everything in the kitchen, dining and living rooms, vacuumed, dusted etc and I was gonna just leave the Boys bathroom (Tom was cleaning ours and doing the bedroom and laundry) but I happened to notice something wet under the mat in front of the cat’s litter box. It is there to catch the bits that catch on the cat’s feet as they exit. I pulled it up and to my HORROR there was this SLIME under there which smelled like poo. So now I knew there was slimey poo water under there I had to clean. It seems that one of them, I’m guessing Sean had lets water out when he had a shower. I constantly nag at them to ensure that the curtain is properly inside (sigh). When the water got under the plastic it just fermented and took on the smells around. Oh my god how GROSS.

So I grabbed plastic bags and put them on my hands and cleaned their bathroom top to bottom. Now I’m skeeving. UNCLEAN UNCLEAN!

I still have to figure out what the heck I’m gonna take with me and yanno, actually PACK. I need to have a shower too. It’s up at the crack of ridiculous in the morning to make our EARLY flight. Buh.

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