Rocky Mountain High

Ok, not quite. I’m comin’ at ya from the Denver airport courtesy of their free slow ass wi-fi and on Tom’s laptop as there is only one available plug and I don’t want to suck my battery dry while we wait for our connection. :)

The flight from Vancouver was pretty good, just a little bumpy towards the end. Neither of us could get to sleep at a decent hour last night so we are running on a few hours and a nap on the plane. Even *I* slept which is unlike me. I am wearing a hoodie which helped block some of the light and listened to my mp3 player at a reasonable volume (between 9 and 11) heh.

The conference starts at 7:30 tomorrow, or rather breakfast does. I’m thinking I may just come in at the tail end of breakfast cos I have a feeling my ass is gonna be draggin’ big time tomorrow.

It is SO boring at an airport and I usually resort to people watching. I think I’ve seen the most cowboy hats and boots in one place outside of the Cloverdate Rodeo in this airport. I guess it is somewhat cowboy country? I don’t know much about Colorado to be honest. Of course I’m not seeing much of it either in these pleather seats.

I think if Prue and I end up going through this airport next month it won’t be so bad. Concourse B seems to be United’s and even though it is pretty long, it seems like you could make a quick jog through it if necessary as it has those people mover thingies. It’s not like that George Bush airport where we had to RUN and also catch a bus that took us to a mystery gate to a terminal that didn’t list our flight. NICE!

Ouch, the people going to Little Rock have to wait until 4:00 until their flight leaves. Seems a part they need for the plane is delayed.

Can you tell I’m bored? I’m relaying you P.A. announcements from the gate we’re squatting in. The people here look pretty pissy. No tantrums like in that Airline show. They are always entertaining to watch.

Oh yeah at YVR I finally tried one of those Tim Horton’s BELTs. Not bad. I love their bagels. I’m kinda hungry again but it’s probably too soon to eat anything. We’re slowly changing time zones I think it’s after noon here and back home I’m thinking it’s like eleven AM.

Oops, gotta go. Tom’s back!

Talk atcha from Georgia

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