Well, here I am in Denver airport again. Yeah so much for blogging from Georgia, no time! I swear by the time we ate and got back I was just too bagged and the rest of the time it was conference or work.

A word of warning to those who don’t know, taking off and landing in the Denver airport is a little bit like riding a bucking bronco. It’s kinda windy here!! My tummy was a roiling a teeny bit but not too badly. It was kind of like a bunch of small drops like a roller coaster. The plane to and from Atlanta/Denver was an ‘express’ type which is pretty small too. Oh well at least that part is behind us now.

It’s been a long day already and we still have the flight home and the drive back to Slurrey to look forward to. I am SO sleeping in tomorrow and I plan on doing nadda, zip, zero… other than picking up the furry kids. Tomorrow is a Chinese food night I think. Something easy!

Well I guess I should be shutting down, we have to start wandering over to our gate, right now I’m sitting on the floor close to an electrical outlet so I could catch up on work.

Ta-ra and talk to you from home.

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