Long Way from Georgia

Well I didn’t get to see much of the gardens AGAIN. I swear I have the worst luck when I got on these trips cos something always comes up. Oh well.

We had a chance our last evening to do a quick run out to the gardens but it would seem that the timing was bad in general, the Azalea season was pretty much over and it seems to be too early to get the full show of spring flowers.

In order to get a few photos we decided to go check out the Ida Cason Callaway memorial chapel. I remember seeing it a few years ago when our host took myself and a co-worker to dinner in Callaway and it was pretty.

Tom saw the sign that pointed in the chappel’s direction and started to drive. He was about 3 minutes along the path when he suddenly burst out “I wonder if this is actually a road? It’s awfully narrow and seems to be getting worse!”

We both looked around and sure enough certain parts of the “road” seemed to be rough and there was no signs anywhere to indicate it was a one-way road, or a road at all for that matter.

Tom starts to worry that perhaps we are on a bike or walking path and someone was gonna jump out at us and yell “What the hell are you idiots doing!?!?!!” He’s picturing trying to back out of the rather twisting route or even worse, finding a place to turn around and finding out the hard was it WAS a road and someone was coming the other way!

We just kept driving (he was sweating and I was laughing) and eventually MUCH to his relief he saw a sign that pointed to a parking lot by the chapel. I was SO bummed I didn’t have my camera out to record this in movie mode cos trust me, it was a lot funnier to see than I can describe.

Here is Tom illustrating the size of the “road” using himself for scale..

Georgia Trip 003

The chapel is pretty and a good photo op

Pine Mountain GA

Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chappel - Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain Ga

The lady in front was like one of those stereo-typical 1980’s southern beauty pageant contestants 20 years later who hasn’t changed either her hairstyle or her make-up, not to mention her addiction to hairspray. I only wish I could have snuck a picture of her closer up without looking too obvious.

Ah but now we are HOME.

It is the best place EVAR. I am really not much of a traveler so the best part of our journey was actually getting home. It didn’t seem like we were ever going to get there once we were in Denver. We got to the gate just about the time they were starting to load the first class people on and once the plane was fully loaded we backed out and then, Nadda.

After a while a flight attendant made an announcement that not only did we have issues with 50 mile and hour gusts of winds (which was preventing more regular take-offs) but that YVR, our home airport had just lost their radar! They wouldn’t take off without knowing if the plane would be able to land on the other end. We’re all sitting the plane worrying about where we would end up and about a half hour later they announced that we were able to start on our way. We were so relieved cos the thought of spending the night in the Denver airport wasn’t exactly appealing free wi-fi or not!

The take-off was certainly choppy. It wasn’t until we had put enough distance between Denver and our plane that the journey smoothed out some. I watched DVR’d Cold Case episodes on the flight which helped to pass the time.

The first day we were pretty tired. We didn’t get home until around 10 our time which put as at 1:00 am Eastern time and we’d been up since 7:00 am Eastern. Factor in the travel and it sure sucks the life out of you. Other than picking up the cats (who were MOST grateful to see us) and the kids coming home we did NOTHING. That has pretty much described the whole weekend for that matter.

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