It’s a Big Old Goofy World

The previous post if nothing else illustrates the often goofy way we approach posing for the camera. When I say we, for the most part I mean Tom. Tom has this ability to pull out the funniest expressions when the moment calls for it (or maybe even when it doesn’t). Most of the times they are planned sometimes they aren’t. Regardless, they amuse me to no end. Of course he always says I’m a good room.

I went through some of our photos and culled a number of them that I particularly love. We love to laugh in our family and I think this really shows it. In the end though, I truly bow to the master.


Sheldon and Tom Separated at birth
Separated at Birth

Pretty fly for a white guy

Trying to kiss his cheek, he's trying to turn to kiss me. Ending up looking freaked out!
All I was trying to do was kiss him!



Chris wearing my Mom's magnifying glasses
Wearing Grandma’s glasses


Grabbin Georgie's crotch
George Clooney + crotch = weeee

Judy! Wash your pits!

Judy’s the pits!

The set (sure to grow) here

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