Win Lose or Draw

One of the talented Graphic Artists at Tom’s station did caricatures of the Staff from the Graphics Dept. Tom hasn’t been in the Graphics Dept (except to cover the odd shift) since last summer. He’s on contract covering for one of the Technical Directors who is on a year leave of absence, but officially, he is still one of the gang.

Tom sent it to me yesterday and when I opened it up I almost spat out my coffee laughing. The expression on his face is perfect! The artist used a security photo of Tom that was taken when he went to the station originally for his interview. He used to shave his head completely back in those days. I don’t have that photo to use as a comparison, so I had to go find a photo I had from back in those days.


The drawings of the other people are great too but I didn’t want to post them on the blog here without their permission. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post Tom’s though. Tom had told the Artist that the picture would be up on the blog within 24 hours. How right he was!

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