Mother Love

Today was my 20th Mother’s Day ever. It is hard to believe sometimes that I’ve been a Mom for so long and yet I can almost not remember what it was like not being one. For so long even when I was a Mom I spent more time making Mother’s Day nice for my Mom. These days things are different, I have people around me reminding me that I’m a pretty important Mom myself. It’s nice.

Today we all slept in and when we finally dragged ourselves out of bed Tom offered to run over to the local Tim Horton’s to pick us up some breakfast to go. We learned a few years ago to not even try to go OUT for breakfast on Mother’s Day, it is impossible to get service. I’m all over their breakfast biscuits so I was game!

I had barely finished breakfast when Chris ran into his room and came out with his present for me.. a really cool digital picture frame. I spent the next hour or so picking out pictures to load on a memory card and it is now playing a slide show of some of my favourite family photos across the room.

A little while later Tom brought out the presents from him and Sean.

(note the extreme concentration tongue projection in the above picture while I read my card)

The first gift was a photo book called “Pretty in Pink…Why it is good to be a Girl” by Bob Elsdale featuring two things I love, all that is pink and a whole bunch of cute piglet photos.


The second part of my present were DVDs, Season three of Sex and the City and Season One of The Sopranos. SCORE! Ok so maybe “The Beave’s” Mom wouldn’t have appreciated a little Sex and Violence for Mother’s Day but then again I’ve never claimed to be June Cleaver…


For dinner, we had take out from our local Chinese restaurant. Chinese Food hasn’t bothered my…well whatever it is, so it has risen to the top of my food preferences of late. I hesitate to say I have Gall bladder problems until I know for sure, but I sure as hell am going to be avoiding every single thing that I think or have read that could set it off if I do!

I hope all you Mothers out there had as nice a day as I did.

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