Prequel to the Sequel

I have very mixed feelings about movie sequels. If I really love a movie and leave wanting more, part of me hopes that someone will figure out a way to bring back beloved characters and sweep me away with another great storyline and part of me wishes that they will just leave it alone already and try to come up with another original idea. The latter part of me tends to have a louder voice.

I have to admit there have been a few sequels in my opinion that have either expanded nicely on the first or surpassed it (see The Empire Strikes Back.) Then there is Ocean’s Twelve. I’m sorry George Clooney, I really am but that movie is sitting stinking up my DVD shelf as we speak. I didn’t watch it in the theatre but some perverse side of me MADE me buy the DVD (albeit from the discount bin) despite the vitriolic response that the movie wrung from even the kindest of reviewer. I did see Ocean’s Thirteen and though it was still a bit of a self indulgence-fest I will let it go, it was a fun revisit and some eyecandy.

Anyway, like I said, sequels can range from the very good to what the hell were they thinking. A few years back a cute CGI movie was being promoted called Shrek. It was coming from a studio trying to compete with the likes of Pixar and appeared to have a good dose of adult humour mixed into a movie that I could take my kids to. Score. I went, I saw, I loved. I approached Shrek 2 with some caution as I was hoping they didn’t ruin the characters for me and found to my delight that they managed to find a good story and add Antonio Banderas for good measure. His Puss in Boots slayed me.

The problem arose when I started to see Shrek characters whoring for many different products including a minivan (!?!) that my sequel suck-o-meter started going off. This was what seemed like MONTHS in advance of the actual movie premiere and by the time it was released I was so sick of the characters that I didn’t even try to watch the movie. Still haven’t.  I don’t get the marketing folks these days. I know sucking the teat of any popular movie dry is the thing to do these days and maybe it is the younger folks that get all in a twizz about this stuff but man, they are pissing and turning me off.

Imagine my *surprise* to see the ever so scary Burger King, um King on a poster at the local restaurant all dressed up like Indiana Jones. Or flipping through my Entertainment Weekly (my fave magazine of all time) to see the smiling (!?!) face of Harrison Ford as said Indiana Jones looking back up at me, hawking Dr. Pepper. Dare I say ding ding ding goes the meter? Come on people I love me some Indiana Jones. I LOVED Raiders of the Lost Ark and warmly embraced The Last Crusade . How could I not? Harrison AND Sean in one movie and it was cute! and Funny! and Adventurous (and only kind of ruined with the “You chose wisely” shtick of a Pepsi Commercial with the old dude from the Cave.) You notice I did leave out the Temple of Doom? Yeah. Hated that one. Still, I love me some Indy.

So what I’m saying is cool it with all this product placement and for Pete’s sake, please please please don’t have Indiana driving a Mini-van next okthxbye.

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