Under Attack

Had another attack tonight afer a nice healthy dinner of chicken, veggies and brown rice. Go figure. It was mercifully short, maybe 45 minutes in total with the worst of it maybe 20 minutes in length. I was rocking back and forth, got up to go to the bathroom and all of a sudden it eased and then went. I almost felt like dancing. It is amazing how much of a relief it is when it’s gone.

I got my blood test results yesterday. The Doc’s office called me Monday afternoon saying I needed to come in to discuss them. I was shall we say a tad nervous. I didn’t know what they were going to say. It turns out that I have way better than the average person’s cholesterol, crazy good in fact and my blood sugar and all that stuff is perfectly in the normal range. However… my liver enzymes were in the mid to upper 200’s when they should be less then 36 to be considered normal. Before sharing that result my doctor asked how I was feeling. I told him I felt fine (apart from a bit of tenderness). He had thought from those levels I would be in constant pain so he sounded surprised. He asked when my ultrasound would be (June 2) and said I needed to keep an eye on things until then to see what we’re dealing with. He said it was possible the last attack either was the passing of a stone or just irritated the gallbladder (and liver) and then fell back in. He says if it gets bad I need to get to the hospital and be put on fluids to give the gallbladder a rest. If anything gets stuck I will see signs like turning yellow or clay coloured stools (oh how colourful!)

Of course without the ultrasound nothing is official, and no treatment is forthcoming. It is just a waiting game. I went almost 2 weeks without one, the time between the last two was 5 days so I guess that is good right? I will sure be glad when all this is over with.

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