Mamma Mia

Good news it would seem from Cannes that the new Indy flick doesn’t suck, though from what I’ve read it’s a touch longer than it should be. To be fair that could be said about a lot of movies these days. I don’t want to read too many of the reviews because I’m sure they will contain far too many of the plot points. Of course I don’t live under a rock so I’m bound to hear a few of them here or there but I’m not gonna seek them out. Hopefully we can make it out the theatre to see this one, we live within walking distance of one for pete’s sake. We’ll need to make sure the Boys can go, I’m not sure if both will want to.. Sean is a given I’m pretty sure but Chris is hard to gauge sometimes. Of course we’re not going to be first in line either. I used to be one of those people that stood in line to buy tickets to a movie (see ET and Return of the Jedi) but those days are long in the past!

Today was my Mom’s Mother’s Day. As we are both Mother’s the way we’ve worked it out is I do nothing on the actual Mother’s Day and then she has her turn the following weekend. As she likes to go out to eat it works out better because you cannot get anywhere near a restaurant for brunch on the actual Mother’s Day and she hates crowds. I took her out to eat and stole Chris’ idea and picked her up a digital picture frame. She was fascinated by the technology not having spent much time near a computer never mind digital camera and spent quite a long time watching the various pictures that I loaded on the SD card. She called me later and was asking me questions about where certain ones were taken, a tad hard to do over the phone…;) She had a nice time though and that’s what counts.


Unfortunately for me what I ate ended up rampaging through me, I barely made it home in time, but at least there was no pain. I’ve found that it is totally random when my body will or will not accept in food these days, the same as what will set off the attacks. For the most part my diet has been every bland, forsaking everything that I enjoy and eating very little in the way of meat. If I stick to bread, crackers and cereal that type of thing, I don’t seem to have as much trouble. Another thing that so far has been very good to me is Chinese Food. I have no idea why but that just makes me crave it even more than I normally do. Probably because I see it as actual REAL food instead of bread and crackers so its appeal is enhanced. Today was noodles and vegetables and knocking wood everything is digesting as it should. Yay!

It has been a lazy weekend overall, even better it is a long one. Tom has been working nights these last few but he’s off with me tomorrow and starts his own version of a long weekend. It is sooo nice when we actually get days off together.

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