The Warmth of the Sun

Sean and I took advantage of the loverly weather today and headed for Bear Creek, a local park that I have probably photographed to DEATH. I really need to venture out more. It is just that on a loverly Saturday the roads are filled with a bazillion other people also trying to find a park, lake, garden to hang out in I simply just cannot stand sitting in traffic getting aggravated to find somewhere to relax…you know what I’m sayin’?

The park is reasonably close to get to and usually has parking, at least later in the afternoon. We headed out around 2ish and HOLY COW was that place busy. We had to skip our usual side street parking lot and head for the main one. After circling round for a while with a bunch of other car sharks I finally gave up and headed over to the art gallery side and lucked out on a spot just as I was about to give up. Turns out along with a track meet, soccer game and many MANY family gatherings and water park visitors, there were also several wedding party groups having photos taken and one actual ceremony set up to take place in the little outdoor iron chapel.
An actual wedding was gonna happen at the park wedding chappel Bear Creek Park May 24 2008 034
A very multicultural city reflected in the different weddings going on. I saw one with a South Asian theme all full of gorgeous colour and a couple with the brides in the whole white gown and veil thing.
Bear Creek Park May 24 2008 011

The day was glorious, the sky was blue and the sun was really warm. I loved the sheer number of plants in bloom everywhere!
Bear Creek Park May 24 2008 026

Bear Creek Park May 24 2008 036

Bear Creek Park May 24 2008 037

Even the weeds are pretty on a sunny day. In the field there were tons of daisies and dandelions just waiting for a photo op.

Bear Creek Park May 24 2008 070

Bear Creek Park May 24 2008 052

Making a wish...Bear Creek Park May 24 2008 055
I really cherish the time I spend with Sean, it is cool that he still will hang out with his old Ma.
Bear Creek Park May 24 2008 059

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